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  Specializing in the manufacturing and distributing of the construction machinery and the spare parts, our factory is the first chinese manufacturer of the sonic averaging beam, and always at the leading position for the electronic parts and leveling system of the asphalt pavers.

  Products range include the integrated systems for paver and milling machine, various sensors and the paver working control components. Have dveloped the concrete curb machine with hydraulic and leveling system in 2006, which is the first curbing machine with hydraulic system and the leveling sensor made in China.

  Our factory has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system and the products are ensured with good quality by our normative quality control system. We will try our best as always to satify clients' needs and provide the solutions of the technology, products, service, etc.

  Paver levelling system
  Milling machine leveling
 Levelling sensors
  Digital controller
  Sonic ski
  Grade sensor
  Slope sensor
  Wire rope sensor
 Paver walking control
  Driving box
  Side control box
  Material control
 Road curbing machine
  Slipform paver
  Concrete curb machine
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