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  Non-contact levelling beam for paver of Vogele, Volvo, Abg, Demag, Dynapac, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo with types of sonic ski and the single ultrasonic. Both of this two types are contactless which has large measuring area, better continuity and flexibility, and the reading of the sensors and controllers is not affected by the working enviroment.

  Mounted on the bracket, 3 or 4 sensors, 1 controller and 1 junction box is needed in a averaging system for one side. There're beams at both sides of the paver, also sometimes only one beam using on the machine as the combination. With the output types of PNP and NPN in the system controller, the averaging beam can be used in any models of paver and milling machine.

  There're 8 pieces of sonic sensors or 6 pieces of ski sensors in a averaging beam, also the 2 sonic sensors can be replaced by the ski sensors as the mixed use. Connection cables for each part is available as a complete system.

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