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Vibratored concrete curb machine has no requirments of the concrete

  No requirments for the material, the concrete curb machine with vibrators in mould is available for any types concrete. With two Wyco vibrators in mould, even the liquid concrete can become the solid curb and the plasticizer is not needed for the concrete, no strict of the restriction of the slump of the material.

  Unlike the slipform curb machine, the self driving model is powered by the large rate motor which has high working speed. Can-bus communication technology used for the operation panel and the main control box, which is more simple and relaible. The smooth concrete curb will be ensured by the automatic leveling of the sensors of steering, grade and slope.

  The friendly LCD control panel displays the working situation and the troubles clearly. Drived by the total hydraulic system, the track wheel has more touching area of the road and makes the machine work smoothly in the hard working environment.

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