asphalt paver levelling system
 Integrated system
  Averaging beam
  Paver levelling system
  Milling machine leveling
 Levelling sensors
  Digital controller
  Sonic ski
  Grade sensor
  Slope sensor

  Asphalt paver sensor replacement used for of Vogele, Abg, Dynapac, Demag, Blaw-knox, Mitsubishi,Sumitomo, SANY, XCMG. Compatibling with Moba, both the simulated and digital types are available, satisfy the needs of the asphalt paver users in different regions. Latest Can-bus technology used on the digital sensors and controllers for the system, all kinds of parts combination used for the paver leveling. Besides, the balance beam and the sonic material control for paver and the leveling system for milling machine is available, various sensors for sale as the spare parts.

  The road construction machinery is added into our product range as we have developed the curbing machine with the types of the slipforming and the self driving. With the hydraulic and the automatic control system, the curb paver is playing an important part in the road paving and building.

  The Blaw-Knox paver track was developed when there is demand. The blaw knox also well known as Ingersoll-rand or Volvo, is popular in the second hand market and the rubber track is needed as the spare part. Unlike the rubber track pad, the rubber track of blaw-knox pf4410 and pf5510 is complete type track. The rubber track of blaw-knox made in our facotry has the good quality as same as Bridgestone. With the imported natural rubber and the excellent rubber mould processing, the qualtiy of the blaw-knox rubber track is ensured. Besides, we are supplying the rubber speed cushion used for European and Australia.

  Wire rope sensor
 Paver walking control
  Driving box
  Side control box
  Material control
 Road curbing machine
  Slipform paver
  Concrete curb machine
asphalt paver balance beam
asphalt finisher leveling system
milling leveling
curb paver

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