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Concrete slipform paver with leveling sensors

The slipform paver drived by the counterforce from the concrete curb which is formed by the machinery. The concrete in the hopper will be extruded into the mould by the exocentric mechanism and form the curb with the shape wanted. Then the paver is drived by the slipformed curb, also the machine is called self propelled type slipform paver.

The curb quality is ensured by the automatic leveling system with grade and slope control, the machine will work along with the cables and make the compensation. The visible control panel provides an easy operation and the two modes which make the manual adjustment is available besides the auto leveling.

All the parts is originated from the reliable famous manufactuers, the B&S motors and the hydraforce hydraulic system ensure the reliable working performance.  

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 Levelling sensors
  Digital controller
  Sonic ski
  Grade sensor
  Slope sensor
  Wire rope sensor
 Paver walking control
  Driving box
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  • Model: 450
  • Maximum curb size: 120x40 cm
  • Engine: B&S, 16HP, 3000 rpm
  • Volt: 12vdc, electrical start engine
  • Paving speed: 0-3 m/min
  • Hopper volume: 0.15 cube meter
  • Hydraulic control system
  • Solid Tyre: 32x 10 mm
  • With grade, steering and slope sensors


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